About UsVape Blast 2016 - WinStar World Casino & Resort


The Mission of Vape Blast

Vape Blast’s mission is two fold. Provide quality public education and awareness about all aspects of vaping to the consumer and public-at-large. Secondly to provide a casual, enjoyable and affordable event that will allow small mom and pop businesses to interact with larger more established businesses. Its our goal to see both ends of the spectrum work together, network and build mutually beneficial relationships to help grow the industry in a productive and responsible way. 

About the Organizers

Vape Blast organizers: Kenny and Sarah Brattain have broad experience in both corporate and entertainment event planning.

Kenny: graphic artist/multimedia guru turned vape advocate after being freed from tobaccos’ 36-year hold on him. Kenny has a quarter of a century of experience working in the corporate environment helping create collateral materials and event planning for Neiman Marcus, Zig Ziglar, Nokia and many other notable companies. He has the talent and experience to address every aspect of an event from the initial print work to creating websites and corporate videos through to day of event production.

Sarah: has a strong background in customer relations, public relations and event planning for entertainment events. The Brattain’s owned and operated a national reputed live music venue, Fat Daddy’s Sound Shack. They produced live music events every week ranging in crowds from 25 to 5000. From local garage bands to international touring acts. Sarah takes great pride in being accessible and proactive in planning, execution and management of events she is involved with.

Together, this team is unstoppable and perfectly matched for the undertaking of an event as special as Vape Blast.